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Commonly Asked Questions

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How do I refer to the service?

Parents/Carers and Professionals can complete an online referral form using the “refer” button above. We will process your referral, send you an email acknowledgement. We will triage your referral to the appropriate Skills Building Programme based upon your child/young person’s age and diagnosis.

Can I do a course specific to Autism or ADHD without a diagnosis?

Our Cygnet for ASC programme, Right from the Start, and The Parent Factor for ADHD programmes are aimed at parents and carers whose children have a diagnosis of Autism or ADHD, we will however whilst triaging your referral, look to see what programme best supports your needs which may be one of the above programmes. Our Family Links/Talking Teens programmes can be accessed pre or post diagnosis and include a range of supportive strategies and signposting. Our Parent Support Workers are trained to deliver all programmes and therefore have the knowledge to help parents/carers tailor strategies to suit their family's needs.

How do I get help before my programme begins?

A link to a padlet (online notice board) would have been included in the referral acknowledgement which has a range of support services that you can access. You can also look at the further support tab on this website or contact us on 01489 799178 or neurodiversefamilies@barnardos.org.uk if you have a specific query.

When are the next programmes running?

Our programmes run termly, and we do offer a limited timetable of programmes and taster sessions during the summer holidays.

How long does the course last?

Each programme runs for a different length of time, they range from 5 weeks to 11 weeks.

How do I book onto a programme?

Complete the online referral form by clicking on ‘Make a referral’. Once you have referred to our service and received an acknowledgement email from us, you will be added to the most appropriate wating list for your family's needs. A few weeks before programmes are due to begin, you will receive an email invitation from us, as well as a text, informing you that it is now time to book your place on a group. The invitation email will contain a choice of dates and times to choose from. To book a space on your preferred group, simply follow the link below the relevant time/date. This will take you to an Eventbrite event page where you can book your ticket. It is important to book your Eventbrite ticket as soon as possible as our programmes are very popular, and places are booked on a “first come, first served” basis. After booking your place using Eventbrite, you will receive an email which will ask you to complete a pre-programme questionnaire to confirm your place on your chosen group.

Can I bring my partner/family member to the group?

You are welcome to bring a partner or family member to the group. When filling out your referral form, please include details of yourself and the other individual who will be attending. When booking a space on Eventbrite once you’ve received an invitation, please book 1 ticket per person . If you would like to bring someone who is not on your original referral form, please book a place for yourself and then email neurodiversefamilies @barnardos.org.uk to let us know who else will be attending.

Do I need to keep my camera and microphone on in a virtual session?

Please approach the virtual session as you would a face-to-face session, it really encourages discussion and full participation if your camera is on. You may wish to consider blurring your background. If you do need to turn your camera off for a short period of time, it is helpful if you are able to message a facilitator, so we know if support is needed. You may wish to turn your microphone off until you want to speak. Please do speak to your facilitators if there are any reasonable adjustments required to support you to access the programme.

What happens if I miss a session?

Facilitators understand that parents/carers have busy schedules and childcare/work commitments and may therefore need to miss a session. As the programmes are based upon e-learning, parents/carers can catch up with missed sessions independently and contact their group facilitators with any questions. If parents/carers are missing multiple sessions, particularly at the start of the programme, referrals are usually closed (this will be determined on an individual basis and dependent upon circumstances) and you will no longer be able to access the programme. You can re-refer to the service at a time you are ready to complete the programme.

Can I take my child with me?

Unfortunately, it is not practical to bring a child along to our face-to-face groups, but we would also recommend not having children around for the digital programmes either, due to the possible distraction they may cause both to yourself and others attending.

I have a young baby, will it be ok to have them with me on a digital programme?

Each situation is individual - please speak to your facilitator to discuss how we can support.

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