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Hampshire & Isle of Wight Support for Neurodiverse Families

Family Links Talking Teens Programme

Does your child/young person possibly have an underlying, as yet undiagnosed condition such as ASC, ADHD or similar condition?

Do you want to improve relationships within your family?

Is your child/young person approaching or moving through the Teenage Years?

If so, you may find the Family Links Talking Teens Programme helpful whilst waiting to be referred or waiting for your appointment.

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Family Links Talking Teens is a 5-week Programme consisting of:

Session 0

Introductions and overview of the Programme. The first session gives you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the delivery process of the programme and allows you to meet the other parents and to hear that they may be experiencing similar challenges.

Session 1

Being a parent of a teenager

Session 2

Understanding your teenager

Session 3

Communicating with your teenager

Session 4

Managing conflict

The sessions are delivered by trained and experienced facilitators, providing a friendly, supportive space to share concerns and build on your current parenting knowledge.

During the programme we will be using ‘Talking Teens: Your Guide to Understanding Teenagers’ - this is a great ‘toolbox’ book which you can refer back to at any time!

If you would like to find out additional information about the programme, visit the Family Links website where you can look at some step by step guides on some of the topics we will cover.

The referral form is accessible through the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Support for Neurodiverse Families webpage.

If you would like more information you can call our friendly team on 01489 799178 or email neurodiversefamilies@barnardos.org.uk

Some of our Parents/Carers have told us:

I am really pleased I attended the course and whilst many of the strategies still don’t quite come naturally, I am making small changes in our family as a direct result of my learning. Thank you!

Thank you for the approachable and encouraging way that you run your Talking Teens programme. It was very much appreciated especially by me who had never done an on line course before…it has been really interesting to learn the background to our behaviours as parents and the behaviours of our teenagers.

I was slightly apprehensive about the course because I thought I would be judged as a parent. Both facilitators quickly put my mind at rest by the way they ran the sessions, giving all the parents the chance to voice their views and express their thoughts.

It was very helpful to have the opportunity to discuss my concerns, and I finished the course feeling that other people are going through similar experiences and I'm doing the right thing for my daughter, as best as I can!

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